2016: Start riding for the Swiss National Working Equitation-Team. Book about one handed riding coming out.


2015 : Work as Stunt-Women and Riding Double for several German Movies.


2013 Trainer B for classical baroque dressage (passed with distinction awarded the Lütke-Westhües-Auszeichnung))

2013 foundation of my own mounted combat group with weekly training

2012 5 weeks of working and training with Richard Hinrichs

from 2011: regular exchange of ideas with physiotherapist and equine osteopath Iris Norgall, regular training with Irene and Richard Hinrichs

2011 Trainer C for classical baroque dressage (passed with distinction and awarded the Lütke-Westhües-Auszeichnung)
2010 going into business for myself as a riding instructor and horse trainer
2008-2010 regular exchange of ideas with veterinary Tone Lygren who specialises in equine biomechanics

2007: 4 months in work placement with Stefanie Staudinger (Co-trainer at Bent Branderup's)

2006: 3 months in work placement with Bent Branderup

2005: 3.5 months in work placement with Nathalie Penquitt

2004: going into business for myself parttime

2001-2004: obtaining the Swiss trainer licence C (SFRV)

1998-2001: vocational education in commerce, finished with a Berufsmatura diploma

From a very early age, animals and especially horses have always been part of my life. In the meantime, after all this years, I can look back in educating and training Horses for more then 20 years. After finishing my education in commerce, I obtained my first trainer C licence with the Swiss equestrian association SFRV ( The following years I spent training with different teachers such as Natalie Penquitt, Bent Branderup and Stefanie Staudinger. I also started integrating the training of circus lessons into the work with my horses and spent many hours studying the history of horsemanship from the renaissance to modern times. I wanted to learn about the roots of modern horsemanship, and it was through these studies that I discovered the historical European martial arts (HEMA) in 2006. So I started training historical sword fencing with the Swiss fencing group „Freywild“. After moving to Hamburg, Germany in 2010, I continued my HEMA training with the resident fencing association „Hammaborg“. After one year in Hamburg, I took the trainer C exam of the German association for classical dressage ( I kept on developing my skills, working with and being coached by Irene and Richard Hinrichs, so that in 2013 I was ready to take the trainer B exam for classical dressage. In the same year I finally brought together my love for historical European martial arts and my passion for riding: I founded my own training group for mounted combat. Together, we then trainend mounted combat (called Rossfechten) weekly, and also give demonstrations for audiences. After this I moved to Hessen and then back to Switzerland. In 2015 I worked as riding-double and stunt girl doubling kids and teens for several german movies. 2016 my book about one handed riding was published and I started training with the Swiss National-Working Equitation-Team and built up a mounted combat group in Switzerland.