Stunts für Film und Show


As a small and athletic women and very experienced rider I can double Kids and Teens for Film and Show. Last year I was doubling the main actors for 3 German Movies: "Wendy" , "Bibi und Tina", and "Rock my Heart".


Since more than 10 years I reconstruct european historical martial art on horseback.

My Arabian-Pony-Mix mare is very talented in circus and free dressage. Under my assistance she is also used to work with actors.



My Freiberger Emerito is in the Swiss National Working Equitation Team. He is highly educated and can do all the lessons till grand prix, also under the side saddle. Because of his strong nerves he is very suitable to work for film and shows. He can play the strong, wild stallion, and in the next second wait patiently for his next shoot. He loves to brake lances and fight on horseback. Under my assistance he is very easy to ride for actors.